Hello world!

Welcome to this brand-new WordPress blog! My name is Roos (pronunciation: Rose), and I will be living an entirely different life beginning July 1st. Well, how did this happen? Let’s start at the beginning: last autumn I visited London with my parents and came in contact with the family my mum was an au pair for, when she was 19 (the children she used to babysit are now grown men and have children themselves). I kept contact and lucky for me, they were in search of an au pair for their two little boys.

Consequently, I just graduated from High School (in the Netherlands) and the next six months I will be living as an au pair with this lovely family in London, England. I take a great interest in the United Kingdom and I absolutely love the capital, so you can imagine my excitement.

Apart from that I really like the fact that I will not have to focus on studying and school this year, but plainly focus on life; integrating in this great family, explore and hopefully integrate in the British culture. I am utterly excited to try to make it on my own in a different country!

That brings me back to this blog; here I will write about my experiences and regularly post photos I’ve taken with my SLR. Living (a) London Life will chiefly be written for my friends and family back home, but naturally anyone is most welcome on this blog if they are interested in my stories.

Very important remark:
A colossal thank you to my good friend Roselinde Bon, an incredibly talented girl that made the design for Living a London Life. Visit her own WordPress blog (click!), you will not regret it!





  1. Whoooooo go Roos! Will definitely be checking out your blog throughout this year, can’t wait to see what you are going to experience. I am still a little bit jealous!

    x Eagle

  2. Susanna Gulliford · · Reply

    Hi Roos,

    We think this is a fantastic idea and can’t wait to welcome you to London living on Sunday!

    Enjoy your last few days in holland this week and here’s to a fun filled time in London in the months ahead.

    Love Susanna x

  3. Tracy · · Reply

    have a wonderful time Roos, look forward to reading of all your adventures! xx Tracy and all at Chantalouette

  4. Eveline · · Reply

    Have a good trip, save arrival and an incredibly fun time! Just like I had! We will all miss you terribly! Xxx mumsie

  5. Little Pete · · Reply

    Have a great time overthere !! Love to read your stories.

  6. Wouter · · Reply

    Jo sis good story nice room!!! See you later alligator

  7. Hi Roos! Welcome to the blogosphere! Roselinde was right! This looks like it;s going to be a great journey to follow!


  8. najahzahry · · Reply

    I envy you so much! You are living the exact life I’ve dream of experiencing. I hope you’ll have a really lovely time and I’m lookig forward to all your upcoming posts! :)

    Reader from the other side of the planet. (Malaysia)

  9. Welcome to the wonderful WordPress community! Look forward to seeing more of your work in my Reader!

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