Wimbledon Town and Afternoon Cakes

Good evening!

I just had my first day (actually one and a half, but Sunday was also our travel day so that doesn’t really count) in London!

The journey went quite well, me and my dad travelled by car, and our car went onto the train (Eurotunnel). We left about 9:30 Dutch time, and arrived in Wimbledon around 14.30 English time. (You guys are one hour ahead of UK time). James (= dad) and Susanna (= mum) gave us a warm welcome and it was lovely to see the boys (Sam and Joe).

I had already visited the house last autumn but I didn’t exactly remember everything. Let me tell you one thing; this house is absolutely stunning. The interior looks like it’s come straight out of a fancy magazine!!! I tried to take some pictures but it was already too dark, so I might put up some pictures of the interior tomorrow.

I did make a few decent pictures of my room though, check below. I am currently lying on my huge bed and typing this out.

My apologies I am a bit sloppy at making my bed!

Best bed ever.

I also have a big mirror, chair, closet etc in my room but that part is a bit messy so I didn’t take a picture of that.

So today was a very fun day! Susanna and I brought Sam to nursery school, which is a sort of place children from 2 to 4 go to (when you turn 4 you go to the ‘big school’). After that we went to Wimbledon ‘town’. There’s also Wimbledon ‘village’ , which has a fancy park and lots of chic shops, cafés, golf clubs etc. Susanna put Joey in the crèche and went to the gym, leaving me for one hour in the shopping mall, which was great! Bought some stuff at Boots ( I LOVE BOOTS, a million times better than any Dutch drugstore definitely) and there’s also some other really cool clothing stores like River Island, H&M and Topshop, all in Wimbledon.

After that we went home and prepared some lunch for Joey. Susanna went to pick up Sam from nursery school, so I spent some time with Joey. Such a cute, bright, beautiful boy (though he does get cross sometimes and likes to throw stuff all over the place haha!). I didn’t have any problems with him during lunch time, he ate all his food and was fascinated by the new teletubbies episode :).
Susanna had some problems with her back because she had to carry Sam a lot the past weeks (Sam broke his leg some time ago so he still walks a bit funny, but is fortunately improving much!), so she went to see a masseur and I looked after Sam and Joey (Joey was sleeping). Sam, also an amazing  little fellow with really cute dimples, watched some Avengers Assemble cartoons so that was fun!

In the afternoon we went to the park with the intention of feeding the ducks, but the weather was a bit cloudy so I guess the ducks were somewhere else. After that we had some ‘afternoon tea’ with lovely cakes in a restaurant.

In the evening I played with the boys, Joey was absolutely content driving in his little car the whole time and I had fun playing with Sam, who was the superhero and the knight (I was the monster and the horse of course haha!). In the evening I had dinner with James and Susanna. James is a brilliant cook by the way!

So that was my first Monday! Next week will be pretty hectic, because Saturday we’re going to Cornwall with lots of other families and children so I’m excited to see how that’s going to turn out!

I do notice my speaking abilities absolutely suck. I understand most of the English (though sometimes when mumbled or spoken fast I don’t) but when it comes to answering their questions and speaking I  keep responding ‘that’s nice’ and ‘yes very much’, so  I really have to work on my vocabulary.

Thursday is my first day off, I think I’m going to visit Tate Modern, Millenium bridge etc, and if it’s raining I might go to Notting Hill.

The weather is quite rainy at the moment (UK weather haha). I do hope we’ll get some sun when we’re in Cornwall.

I am hoping to put some photos up tomorrow!

Lots of love, Roos x


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