Interior pictures

Hi there!

I promised to post some interior pictures, so here they are! There are a lot of pictures of the kitchen, that’s because I love that place, it looks so stylish and yet cozy as well!

I didn’t make any pictures of the ‘upstairs’, because I think bedrooms etc are private. Let’s start our tour!

The front door/entrance

When you turn to your left, you enter the sitting room. This is kind of the chic sitting room, I haven’t been here a lot yet.

Lovely reading material!! Susanna likes fashion a lot, lucky meee.

View through the window

When you turn to the right you enter the kitchen!

Another angle

Keep Calm and Carry on! Loving it haha.


This is the sitting room/dinner area next to the kitchen

Going downstairs to the playroom/relax room

Book shelves, I’ve got quite some reading to do!

In those cupboards there’s hundreds of toys. I also like to sit here in the evening to watch a film or a tv show!

If you turn right when you walk out of the playroom (along the book shelves) you get to the laundry room, a little bathroom and the outside door.

Going upstairs again to the main level.

So…..I hate to say I told you so but…the house is beautiful isn’t it?

Today I went to London centre on my own for the first time! A post will be up later!

xx Roos



  1. Romy · · Reply

    Wow, the house is beautiful! You’re so lucky! :) x

  2. The kitchen really IS stylish, I love it! :)

  3. I love the red toaster :) Beautiful house, white, love a white house! All the best

  4. Eveline · · Reply

    Can you get me that rug or any other stuff with that fantastic remark.. Keep Calm & Carry On?
    xxx E

  5. Wow! The house is amazing! Enjoy being an au pair! It’s an amazing experience. :)

  6. Anouk · · Reply

    Definitely loving it!! X

  7. Peter M · · Reply

    When can I come over…..

  8. These pictures (and the house) are wonderful!

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