My week in Cornwall

Hello, long time no blogging!

I actually planned to put up the Hampton Court post first but since I just had a whole week of Cornwall I decided it would be nice to post this first so you have an idea of where I was last week.

I didn’t make any pictures of the holiday house, but it was a lovely bungalo (which was nice because we wouldn’t have to pay attention to Joey falling off any stairs!!), very close to S and J’s friends and near the beach.

The closest beach. Looks pretty much like a Dutch beach (there were dunes!) apart from the hilly countryside of course!

Adorable picture of Joey!

One day (I think it was Monday) we visited an adorable place called Padstow, pictures below:

Welcome to Padstow!

Adorable little shop

Little harbour

Cornwall/Padstow is also known for its ‘pasty’/’pasties’, like pies filled with meat and vegetables, they were really good!

Later that week we also visited Port Isaac, very different from Padstow but also incredibly beautiful/lovely.

Stunning view on our way to Port Isaac

It wouldn’t be too bad to live here right?

I just love these little shops

Sam on the pram! (one of the new words I’ve learned, pram = buggy)

Cheeky Joey!

We had a great lunch at St Kew’s Inn on our way back, pics below:

St Kew’s Inn

St Kew’s Inn garden where we had lunch

Near the extremely old church

We came back Thursday evening (instead of Saturday) because the forecast for Friday was very bad (lots of rain).

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to see Martine, a friend from the Netherlands who was staying in London for the week with a friend, and I had a lovely afternoon and evening! We went to Regent’s Street, Oxford Street, had dinner in Covent Garden and went to see ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ at Leicester Square. We first wanted to go to The Amazing Spiderman 3D, but the tickets were bloody expensive (19 pounds..) so we decided to see a cheaper (non 3D) one. It was surprisingly funny, I had a really good laugh. And of course, Chace Crawford…(no explanation necessary right?).

The only negative thing this weekend is that I have been suffering from nightly stomach ache attacks. I’ve had it a few times back in the Netherlands, but when it stopped I assumed it wouldn’t come back, but it has. Today I’m going into Wimbledon to see if I can get some medicine without doctors recipe, I really hope it’ll stop because it’s been giving me sleepless nights.

I’ve found some really cool classes that I may attend this autumn! There are tons of adult courses to do, from arts (watercolouring, oil painting and drawing), to photography, languages and sport classes. Am going to give that a closer look very soon, I’d really like to attend one or two.

Will now change into some sports clothes, think I am going for a run in Wimbledon park.

Take care, talk to you later!

xx Roos

ps. I am really happy to be here. I feel very priviliged!

pps. To my family: Heel veel plezier in Frankrijk, ik mis jullie wel hoor!



  1. Eveline & family · · Reply

    hi Roos, groetjes vanaf St Andrieux waar we bij Tanneke even zijn neergestreken!! Mooie post weer en natuurlijk missen we jou ook!! xxx je lieve familie (& Tanneke natuurlijk!!)

  2. Little Pete · · Reply

    Hoi Roos,
    Wat een geweldige indrukken zo in de eerste weken. Dat kan nooit iemand je meer afnemen !
    Geniet er van en succes met de keuze voor je cursus(sen).

    1. Hoi Peter! replies vind ik altijd heel leuk! Dankjewel, misschien ga ik zelfs op hockey alleen dat is best duur dus dat moet ik nog even bekijken! Een fijne vakantie voor jou en Fabi toegewenst! X

  3. aww Roos, awesome pics! &those kids, CUTE! xxxx from italy

  4. naaaaaaaaj · · Reply

    So glad you’re having fun! Can’t wait for your next update. :)

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