Following the footprints of Henry VIII at Hampton Court

Good evening!

As I mentioned before, this is a post I’ve been wanting to show you a long time ago but I just didn’t have the time. During my first week I went to visit Hampton Court, the famous palace where Henry VIII lived, but also William III (a Dutch man who became monarch of both the Netherlands and England during the Glorious Revolution, google it if you are interested!)

The entrance

Surrounding gardens (there were SO many gardens! I didn’t visit them all, because I was mainly interested in the palace itself)

So that was my short trip around the ‘side gardens’, on the way back to the palace!

I got myself an audio-tour-phone-thingy, which was really helpful! You had to press the number (present in the rooms) and you would hear a man or woman telling the story behind this specific room or character

First up: the kitchens during Henry VIII’s reign

Entrance to the kitchens

Had some lunch at the little ‘kitchen cafe’ inside the Henrician kitchens. I know it looks a bit gross, but it tasted really well! Vegetable soup of the day with homemade bread.

Moving on to another part of the palace: Mary II’s Apartments. There was an exposition called the Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned, which was quite interesting:

”The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned, explores the meaning of beauty, and the lives and loves of the courtesans and libertines who lived and died in the Stuart Court during the reigns of Charles II, James II, William III & Mary II and Anne (1660-1714).”

Mary II’s Apartments

My apology for these pictures, they’re a bit hazy, overlight (but that’s because I had to take them secretly, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures here woops!)

”Mary II (1662-94) when Princess of Orange, by William Wissing 1683”
”The daughter of James II ruled, with her cousin and husband William III, after the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688 deposed her father. Mary was the ‘Sovereign Queen of Beauty’ and a fashion trend-setter. Her household account book of 1694 lists 31 mantuas and gowns, taffeta, velvet and satin fabrics, satin shoes with gold and silver lace, gloves, furs, fringes, ribbons and fans.”

On our way to William III’s Apartments

William/”Willem” himself

His ”official” bedroom. Yes, there were official and private bedrooms in that time.. very perculiar.

Special area in the palace reserved for information about Henry VIII’s youth

”The Embarkation at Dover”
By an unknown artist, c 1545

Another picture of the palace

Overheard a very serious conversation between king Henry and one of his ladies.

Impressive dining hall (Henry VIII’s)

Anybody interested in playing a boardgame with me which was played by dear old Henry himself?

Going outside again. I don’t think this ice cream car is antique though

Haha look at the bird

It was really easy to come here, I took the overland train to Hampton Court Station, which was approx. a 15min drive?

I had a lovely day, the weather was great (probably the only nice day we’ve had so far haha!) and I just absolutely love old castles/palaces. I can just wander around, imagining, dreaming about all the things that have happened at the exact place where I am walking… I am a bit of a history junkie!

So this was almost two weeks ago; today I visited Kensington with Susanna and the children. It was really nice; I got to see the apartment of Susanna’s sister which is INCREDIBLY huge. Seriously, I’ve never seen such an apartment in my life (including on TV). I got the afternoon off, and wandered around Kensington High Street which is absolutely perfect for shopping.

Tomorrow evening I’m meeting another au pair, so that’s exciting. I’ve also come in contact with another girl that’s also an au pair here in Wimbledon, so I might go out for some coffee with her next week!
Hope you are all well.



  1. Beautiful place! ;)

  2. Hi!!! super super leuk, echt heel mooi! We kunnen je post vandaag lezen omdat Peet en Fabi de dongel mee hebben (: en je andere posts zijn ook leuk
    doeiiii greetz je sis xxx

  3. naaaaaaaaj · · Reply

    I love this post! British history is most favourite!

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