Notting Hill/Portobello Market on a sunny Sunday


The sun has finally arrived here in London. This is how summer is supposed to be!

Unfortunately the appointment with the other au pair was cancelled, but I’m meeting up with some au pairs (including her) Tuesday, so hopefully that will be fun.

I’ve not recovered from the stomach cramps at night yet, but I sense that if I take my medications before I go to sleep it’s not that bad.
We’ll just see how this week goes!

As for today, I actually wanted to go to Portobello Market yesterday (Saturday), but because I had such a terrible night (stomach problems) I had a relaxing day at home yesterday, and went today instead. I took the Tube to Notting Hill gate, and walked up to Portobello Road. What a lovely area! It was quiet when I got there (about 11), but got quite crowded and hot around 2/3pm, so that’s when I went home. Take a look at the pictures I took :)!

On our way to Portobello Road!

I actually got myself one of these (the light version though)



I adore all the antique stuff! Nostalgia!

There were also really nice boutiques along the road

Killer Heels!!

Vintage market

Got myself a cupcake at the famous ‘The Hummingbird Bakery’, my god it was delicious. I bought a cupcake in the flavour ‘carrot’ (don’t worry, it’s not pure carrot, but a mixture of nuts, carrots, sugar etc….so bloody good)

Apart from that, it’s going pretty great with the boys! I really enjoy taking care of them, of course it’s not always easy but it’s definitely fun!

I am quite looking forward to next weekend: we’re going to New Forest ( I quote wikipedia: ”The New Forest is an area of southern England which includes the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in the heavily-populated south east of England.”). It’s supposed to be very pretty, there are wild horses running free and it’s near the beach.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Love, Roos



  1. Peter · · Reply

    I like those Killer Heels !!

  2. Marleen Schiebroek · · Reply

    Been reading all the blogs! looks like your having a fab time! Enjoy :)

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