In the spirit of the Olympics


Had a lovely day today! Everything’s just so much better when the sun is shining. I went to the (Wimbledon) Park today with the boys,
which was quite fun! It was a bit hectic though because you have to constantly watch the both of them, but the weather was nice and they had fun! Pushing the (double) pram with both of them in there back was quite the exercise in the hilly area of Wimbledon haha.

This afternoon we went to see the Olympic Torch! Literally 50 metres from our doorstep, the torch was handed to the next torch bearer. Really cool to have seen! I made some pictures while we were there..

People gathering for the event (notice the cloudless sky!)

All sorts of advertisement buses came first

Cute! Sam and James

Handing over the flame

There were also quite some policemen out there, this one is friendly waving towards the crowd :)

Cute! Susanna and Joe

Made some really nice pictures of the garden as well today, will probably post that tomorrow or the day after so you don’t get everything at once!

Have a lovely day wherever you are!

x Roos


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