New Forest part 2

Hi there!

As promised, some of the photos I took in New Forest, this time specifically photos of the garden. I absolutely adored the cottage. It was a very old cottage, with some new parts. The oldest parts are from the 16th century! Amazing right! The garden was extremely pretty as well. That’s why I fetched my camera on the second day and took some photos in the garden, in the morning sun.

George and Joe!

Ok so quite a lot of photos haha. The weather was lovely, it’s always great to see the flowers blossoming in such nice lighting.

Today was fun! I had the morning off, I had a nice lie-in (which I needed..I was so tired!) and bought a sketchbook and some pencils in the Arts shop here in Wimbledon Town. I love the shop…it’s heaven for people that like drawing or painting..

In the afternoon I went with James and the boys to Esher, a town very near the south-west of London, to a great area of fields. We picked a lot of vegetables there! Courgettes, beans, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries and beetroot. We were all covered in dirt but it was good fun, it’s awesome to see where your food comes from.

Tomorrow is Susanna’s birthday! I’ll have a whole day of babysitting ahead of me, so I’m going to bed very soon to get some rest in advance ;). I might be meeting up with some au pairs on Saturday, to have a picnic in Hyde Park and watch some of the Olympics! I hope the weather will be ok, should be fun!

xx Roos

PS. A photo of a few weeks back, when I spent the day with my friend Martine en her friend Mina! (Pic taken in a restaurant in covent garden):

Martine, Mina and me


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