Olympic Tennis at Wimbledon

Surprise! An extra post, because something really cool happened on Monday..

James and Susanna had two extra (children’s) tickets left for the Olympic Tennis on Monday. They were extremely kind to give me those tickets; however, they weren’t sure if I would get in with a children’s ticket. I had already learnt a made-up story by heart to tell the people at the ticket service; that my ‘little sister’ (who the ticket was supposed to be for) was ill and that I wanted to go in her place. However, when I got there they didn’t even look at my ticket, but just scanned the code so I easily got in!

I actually got to see the match of Serena Williams (USA) against Urszula Radwanska (Poland), which was really cool. (Of course) Serena won, it was a very exciting match to watch.

Not only am I living in Wimbledon, I can now officially say that I’ve also been to Wimbledon Tennis (And the Olympics!) How cool is that! Wimbledon Tennis is a lot bigger than I exspected, lots of tennis courts and very clean and sophisticated. Naturally I took some photos.

One of the many tennis courts, this is a rather small one actually compared to the big ‘main’ courts

Haha cool tennis art thingy

The board with all the planned matches! Sorry, this picture isn’t very clear to read.

My gangway…..entering the big court…


Even though I am not particularly a huge tennis fan, I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a wonderful experience. Thank you James and Susanna!

Until next time,



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