Meeting up with friends

Good evening, long time no blogging!

I’ve not been posting for some time, mostly because I’m too lazy to upload the photos and put them into a post, because it takes quite some time. However, I’ve got a few things to show you so here I am again! Last week Thursday, the 2nd of August, I met up with some of my Dutch friends, Marit (and her family, which I know very well because we’ve been friends since we were 7) and Ludo, whom I know since high school. They were staying near the Tube station Holborn, so that was where they picked me up.

Sitting in the tube from Wimbledon to Notting Hill gate, there I took the central line to Holborn.

When Marit, her little sister Isabel and Ludo picked me up from the station we went to this amazing bakery where we bought some delicious cupcakes, which we ate in Marit and her family’s appartment! Just looking at this photo makes me want to have one again.. (I admit it, I have a massive sweet tooth)

We then relaxed in the (spacious) appartment, and eventually decided to go to the Tower, have some lunch, visit the Tower and after that look around the expensive Bond street. We had some lovely lunch, very close to the area where the Danish were watching the Olympics!

I am not Danish, for your information, I am from the Netherlands, but this made a very nice view!

Me and Marit in front of the Tower Bridge! The wind was very strong so don’t mind our blown up shirts ;)

Eventually we came to the Tower, but it was already 4pm by then and the Tower would close around 5. Since the tickets are ridiculously expensive (20pounds) we decided that one hour wouldn’t be worth it. We did have a nice walkabout in the area though.

I will miss those rings when the Olympics will be over! The atmosphere in London has been electric ever since the Games.

So after that we went to Bond Street and looked at all the expensive shops, which was cool. However, my sandal broke so I had to walk with one bare foot for a little while haha! Fortunately Oxford Street was close so I bought some nice new sandals for just 6 pounds at Forever 21.

Funny: all out of a sudden, on our way to Oxford Street, this pub popped up in the middle of …nothing except a few other buildings.

We decided to pay famous Selfridges a visit! Wow, INCREDIBLY big and so cool to walk around! Especially the food department… everything looked so delicious..

Omnomnomnom!!! Olympic cupcakes @ Selfridges food department

In the evening, after a delicious dinner at a pub, we went to Hyde Park to watch some Olympics. Really nice atmosphere!

-bad photo, my apologies- We saw the Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo win gold! Awesome since there were a lot of Dutch people who know no shame and know how to cheer properly!

I had an amazing day, it was absolutely great to see my friends again!! If you are reading this, thank you again for the wonderful day. Next post is coming up soon!

X Roos



  1. Eveline · · Reply

    Roos, how lucky you are to be where you are! We are proud on the way you have settled in!! Give J,S and the boys a big hug xxx

  2. Eveline · · Reply

    HAHAHAHA proud AT the way you have settled in !!xxx

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