Spitalfields Market

Hello there!

Ahh, I love markets so much! I really enjoyed the one I visited today. Today was my day off and Susanna had told me that Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool Street Station) is a really cool place to  go to. So I went there, together with Eva (the German au pair I had already met before) and Zsuzsanna, a girl from Hungary. Of course I had my beloved Canon with me; look at the (many) photos below for impressions of the market..

From Tube station Liverpool Street, on our way to the market

I’ll miss these guys :’) Are YOU going to watch the Closing Ceremony tonight?

Cute icecream car! (No, we’re still not at the market..)

Spitalfields market is very near the Girkin!

Entering the market… first ‘stand’

Pretty necklaces!

There were some really nice pieces of art as well, for very affordable prices. I really liked this cow :)

There was an amaaazing food market as well, unfortunately we discovered that AFTER we grabbed some lunch..

‘It’s not about how you look it’s about how you see!’

On our way back ;)

I had a really fun day and I definitely plan to go back there later this year!
x Roos


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  1. Looks great!

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