A cloudy yet lovely day out in Brighton

Good afternoon!

School and university have started in the Netherlands (where I come from), but I’m still enjoying my time here in England! I do feel a bit weird since all my friends are starting with their new lives at university, hearing all their stories makes me already excited for next year when I’ll be starting! However, I definitely do not regret coming here, it’s been incredible so far.

It’s been two weeks ago since my last post, my apologies for that. Last week I hung out (during the extremely hot weekend!) with two girls at Bushy park, where we had a picnic and sunbathed all day. I did take some photos, but they were not worth putting up. Last Wednesday something rather negative happened, I was very sick. I’ll spare you the details, but it mostly included lots of throwing up and other unpleasant visits to the bathroom. I think I ate a bad egg in my omelette the evening before I got sick. Susanna was really kind and made sure I had enough time to get better. It was really horrible, I’m afraid that out of fear I won’t be eating eggs for a long time!

So the plan was to go to Brighton for the day with the two other au pairs I had already mentioned in previous posts, Eva and Zsuzsanna, on Saturday (yesterday). I felt lots better so naturally I joined them! We took the train from Clapham Junction to Brighton, which was 45 minutes. The weather forecast wasn’t that good, but then again you never know in England!

– Warning, this post may contain LOTS and LOTS of photos! –

In the train

First thing we did at the station; get our hands on a free map of Brighton! In the end we didn’t use it that much, Brighton’s pretty straight forward

Central square

On our way to the beach..

The weather wasn’t brilliant, but the beach and boulevard was great!

I love the sea :)

Jump! Haha ignore my face

Walking along the beach there were lots of cute little tourist and art shops. I love these postcards!

On our way to Brighton Pier, which is like a little fun park/fair

Oh dear..

Charming right!

What can I say…I’ve always had a thing for bad boys I guess!

We had some really nice lunch at a sandwich shop! I had a baguette with smoked salmon, cream and spring onions

The Royal Pavillion! If this post didn’t have the word ‘Brighton’ in its title you probably would’ve thought I visited Turkey or something.. Loving this eastern architecture..I know it’s quite kitsch but it looks like a fairytale!

The backside

In the evening, after we had dinner, we went back to the beach. The sky was absolutely amazing

The others stayed until it was dark, but I went home a train earlier because my stomach was feeling weird again (it feels ok again now though). It was an amazing day!

More exciting stuff: I enrolled for the photography course! It will start on the 25th of september. Also, next week we’re going to France, I am so excited!!

Have a nice evening!

x Roos


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    Jumping at the sea, hahahaha

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