French Edition: Des impressions de L’isle sur la Sorgue

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am currently in the Provence in France on a two week holiday! I’ve always loved France ever since I was little. We went to France nearly ever summer holiday and we even got our own house in the Dordogne a few years ago. I had never been to the Provence before, but I can tell you that it is absolutely stunning. The views are gorgeous. The villages are very Mediterranean and the weather is lovely. The flight went alright, especially considering that a 1.5-year-old had to be entertained for one and a half hour! The villa we’re staying in is very very pretty as well, and it has the most AMAZING view from the garden. I’ll definitely put up some photos of where we are staying later this week (haven’t taken any yet).

The Sunday, the day after we arrived, we went to a place called L’isle sur la Sorgue. It has one of the most famous antique markets in the Provence (Keira Knightley was spotted there with her hubby a few weeks ago!!). We also visited the ‘normal’ market, and the boys went on a carousel/merry-go-round which they immensely enjoyed. Look below for some impressions of the Sunday market of L’isle sur la Sorgue (and a few really nice pics of the boys!).

(Again, too many photos.. I’m quite scared I’ll reach the limit of WordPress GB’s before the end of this year..)

There are some other photos I took yesterday, in another village (I can’t remember its name, my apologies) that I really want to show you. Since it’s just five of them I didn’t want to put them in a separate post, so enjoy ;)


Hahaha every single time I look at this picture I cannot help but laugh

Stunning views!


Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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  1. Eveline · · Reply

    Great pictures once again! You are really inspired! You must be looking forward to your photographers class in a couple of weeks! Beaucoup de plaisir et grandes bisous!

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