French Edition: Une promenade à Joucas

Good evening, bonsoir,

Yesterday I walked into Joucas, the village where we are staying. It is very little, and there’s not much (basically nothing) going on, but it’s just very petite and very beautiful so I decided to walk there and take some photos. I also took some photos of the house, but those will be up later.

The weather has been amazing the past days, a perfect temperature in the mornings and then very hot in the afternoons. Luckily we have a pool, which functions as a great refreshment every day. It is quite different being here than in London, not only because of the surroundings but also because we’re together the whole time. This is very entertaining and sociable, although sometimes it can be a bit intense as well. Never a chance to get bored though :)! Right now I’m babysitting, and fortunately everything’s been okay so far..fingers crossed it stays that way haha.

Okay, onto Joucas;

Opening the gate

View from the entrance gate

My apologies for the hazy picture, I just couldn’t get it right. However, this is such a romantic spot that I couldn’t resist putting it up.

Suddenly a very friendly cat appeared

On my way home again through the vineyard

Amazing little village isn’t it? The whole area is stunning, every village around here has got something different and unique to offer. Driving everywhere is a pleasure with all the gorgeous views.

Have a nice evening/morning/day where ever you are,

xx R






  1. Oooh! Yep there you have it, now I’m jealous.

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful pictures. And it looks like such a gorgeous day!

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