Climbing the steps of the Monument & Photography homework

Good evening everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted something. Didn’t really do anything special the last weeks, so I didn’t see the point of posting! However, today was a great Saturday! First of all; the weather was sunny! We’ve seen quite some rain here since we came back from France so that was a nice surprise. I went to the Monument today with another (Dutch!) au pair named Nora. It’s a monument dedicated to the Great Fire of 1666. It looks like a colossal column in Doric style (the oldest Roman style of column building) and you can actually climb the steps to the top, where you have amazing views! So we bought a ticket and climbed the steps, 311 to be exact. Sorry, my ‘view’ photos are a bit rubbish because I still haven’t figured out how I make my camera work with difficult lighting. However, here are the photos;

The steps were very steep and narrow, and made us quite dizzy! But of course we had to move on!

Hi Nora

Nora’s photo of me


There’s the Shard of Glass!

Top of the Monument

My favourite bridge in the world…Tower Bridge!

When we went down the steps and out of the Monument we actually got a certificate, proving we’ve ‘climbed the 311 steps’ haha.

Backside of our certificate; an old drawing of the Monument

After that we decided to go to the Forever 21 store at Bond Street. We didn’t buy anything (wow! big achievement for big spenders like us!) but got some nice inspiration for clothing this Fall/Winter. Also….we walked past a crêpe stand, and we just couldn’t ignore it…we got ourselves a crêpe Nutella!

Crepe Nutella in progress…


So this was a fun day. I actually had my first photography class last Tuesday by the way! It was very very interesting and exactly the sort of course I was looking for. We will learn all about our Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (wow what a word) and I can’t wait until our next lesson! Apart from our 8 ‘class’ lessons, we will also have two workshop Saturdays on which we will actually go out in London, either the city or a big park and do practical stuff! Can’t wait to know how to properly use my expensive camera haha..

We even got homework; we had to use our lenses in a different way, either a close-up or far-away pic. The themes were ‘Kitchen’ or ‘The Park’. You can see my results here;

(I actually took this one in France last year but I thought; who cares, it’s a pretty photo and it looks kind of ‘park-ish’ so why not!!)





I can only choose 4 so I still have to decide which one to chuck…

Other exciting news; next week I’m going back to the Netherlands for 4 days! I’ll be leaving on Thursday afternoon and I’m coming back on the Monday. The reason is that I have a diploma ceremony of my old high school on the Friday evening, but of course this is an excuse for me to see my family and friends again after 3 whole months! Have never been away from home this long… can’t wait to see everyone :)!

Thank you for reading my blog!

xxx R


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  1. have a lovely trip home. x

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