A Magical Experience: Harry Potter tour in Warner Bros. studios

Hello there!

What. An. Amazing. Weekend. Probably one of the best weekends of my life. Did the most amazing things, feeling absolutely fantastic because I’m still in the ‘after’ rush of all the fun.

As I might have mentioned in one of my previous posts; my friend Martine (from the Netherlands) came over for the weekend because we had tickets to see Ed Sheeran (a popular singer songwriter) in Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday. A post about the concert will be up later. My friend arrived on Thursday evening. We had a lovely meal at Bill’s Cafe in Wimbledon, and went to bed quite early because the next day…….

…. we would visit Warner Bros. studios for a Harry Potter tour! We had already booked the tickets in advance, and got on a train first to Clapham Junction and from there on the train to Watford Junction, this took us about an hour. I cannot describe how amazing those three hours were. As a die-hard Harry Potter fan (read all the books, some twice or even thrice, have seen all the movies, still waiting for my invitation-letter to Hogwarts) this was absolute heaven. I took SO many pictures, about 190 in total I think but I’ll post 55 on wordpress for you!

Are you ready?

From Watford Junction station we got on the special Harry Potter bus to Warner Bros. studios

The building was MASSIVE, I think it was an old military base about 60 years ago. Here a close-up


Beginning of the tour; here the cupboard under the stairs, a.k.a. Harry’s ”bedroom”

Anxiously waiting to enter the Great Hall/De Grote Hal

Detail Great Hall

The Great Hall! The two long rows of tables in the middle were removed, so visitors could walk through the hall easily.

Famous spot…..McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape/Anderling, Perkamentus, Sneep

Onto the next department; hair, clothing, props ETC ETC. Over here the wigs of Aberforth Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Arthur Weasley, Bloody Baron/Desiderius Perkamentus, Draco Malfidus, Arthur Wemel, Bloederige Baron

Boys dorm room/Slaapzaal jongens

Gryffindor common room/Leerlingenkamer Griffoendor

The big clock

Martine and me in front of the ‘entrance eagle’ of Dumbledore’s Office


Dumbledore’s Office/Perkamentus zijn kantoor

A wall in Dumbledore’s office (all the paintings are asleep)

The diary from film 2, Chamber of Secrets / Geheime Kamer

The Dungeons….Snape’s classroom

Close-up of some jars in Snape’s classroom; so much detail everywhere!

Martine and me in front of the big door that opened to the Chamber of Secrets. Remember all the snakes moving back and the door opening? On the right is the vault-door from the vault in Gringrotts/Goudgrijp

Weasley livingroom, woonkamer van de Wemels (including chores doing themselves, e.g. the knitting on the left)

Deatheater masks / Dooddoener maskers

Ministry of Magic; the horrible statue with real muggles in them / Ministerie van Magie en Tovenarij, het verschrikkelijke standbeeld met dreuzels erin

Umbridge’s office/ Omber’s kantoor

Ministry of Magic / Ministerie van Magie en Tovenarij detail

Ministry of Magic / Ministerie van Magie en Tovenarij

Going outside, and look what we’ve got! The Privet Drive/ Ligusterlaan

This speaks for itself right?

The statue of Voldemort’s grave in film 4

The alley used in lots of films

The Knight Bus! All Destinations (Nothing underwater)

Going inside again, to the department of creatures. This is a Grindylow, ‘Wierling’ in Dutch. Shown in film 4

Nice head

Amazing to see how they create all the masks!!

More masks, or should I say heads?

Look at Dobby!

The head of one of the mermaids in the Goblet of Fire

A terribly weakened Voldemort, I think this one is from film 4 too (Goblet of Fire / Vuurbeker). This model actually moved if you pressed a button…

This one is from film 1 or 2 if I remember correctly! It really cracks me up haha! This model moved too.

It’s scary how real this one looked…


The dragon!


DIAGON ALLEY! (Wegisweg) This was STUNNING. Can’t describe the atmosphere there… my god.

Front of Fred and George’s shop

Do you still remember the combination of movements with your wand to get to Diagon Alley?

The real model of Hogwarts, it was very big! They actually filmed lots of parts where Hogwarts was shown in the films here, with green screens surrounding the model.

The wand shop/ Toverstokken winkel

On EACH and every wand box, a name of one of the cast/crew member was written.

I cannot even begin to explain how awesome the merchandise shop was. Broomsticks, wands, garments, mugs, t-shirts, Harry Potter candy like chocolate forgs (I bought one!!) and all-flavoured-beans, hedwigs, and lots and lots more. I was in a total frenzy and wanted to buy the whole store, but unfortunately my wallet didn’t allow me to :(. Also, everything was very expensive, as merch usually is. I bought a chocolate frog and a huge tea/coffee/hotchocolate mug with the Marauders Map/Sluipwegwijzer on it. And yes, in the purple chocolate frog box is a Wizard card as well! Mine’s got Dumbledore on it ;-)

If you want to see even more photos, visit my facebook page; I put all the photos up on there (this was just a selection). As you will probably know by now, me and Martine had the time of our lives. There was so much more to see but I only showed you a selection of the things. I do not understand why this place isn’t super super famous/popular yet, since it is one of the best things I’ve done so far. I recommand this place to EVERY one who loves Harry Potter. Seriously, this is a once-in-a-lifetime (unless you have lots of money and buy lots of tickets haha) experience!!

For those interested what we did in the evening; we got some dinner at Nando’s, which was quite nice and we went to see the film ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ in Odeon cinema, which was really good as well.

The next post on my blog will be about the Ed Sheeran concert.


xxx R


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  1. The entrance tickets look like something you cannot throw away!

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