Ed Sheeran concert in Hammersmith Apollo

Good evening everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying your day and celebrating the weekend wherever you are! As promised a post about the Ed Sheeran concert I went to. For the people who don’t know him: youtube him, he is amazing! For the people who dislike him, I suggest you skip this post since it probably won’t be very interesting for you ;-).  My friend Martine (who came over last weekend) and I had bought tickets for his gig in Hammersmith aaaages ago, I can’t even remember when last year, so imagine how long we had been looking forward to it.

Saturday morning we had a lie-in, and went to the supermarket to buy some food since we were planning to wait in line to get a good place near the stage (we didn’t have seat tickets, but tickets for the ‘stables/standing area’) . So armed with a bag filled with bread, apples and bananas (gotta stay healthy y’know!), crisps and muesli bars, warm coats (we had to stand still in the line for about 2.5hrs) we got on the Hammersmith and City line (tube) to Hammersmith around 4!

When we arrived there (+- 4.30 pm) it was very easy to find the venue.

We could already see quite some people that were waiting in line, so we joined them and tried to entertain ourselves for the next hours. The thing that striked me most was how less most English girls were wearing… after 1.5 hour both Martine and I got pretty cold, standing still in the wind, approx 12 degrees or so since it was in the late afternoon, and we looked in horror at girls wearing just shorts (!) and tank tops. I was so glad I was wearing a warm scarf and coat! It eventually started raining too, and I was so happy I brought my mini umbrella haha! Around 6.50 everyone was beginning to move closer to each other to form a proper line, and to prepare ourselves to the max we started looking for the tickets in my bag. We totally freaked out when we found the enveloppe in which we had put the tickets was completely empty……..praise the seven gods (Game of Throne fans you know what I mean :P) that we eventually found them (after a nervous breakdown on my side and a frantic search in my bag by Martine)!

Inside we found our way to the stage, and got ourselves AMAZING front row spots! There was just one (very small) girl standing in front of me, that was it! We were so lucky with our spots because in the end, the whole area was filled with people, I think the audience was around 7000/8000 people in total (I think Ed mentioned it if I’m correct..)

(All pictures are taken with Martine’s compact camera, so I’m sorry the quality is a little less than you are used to on this blog!)

Look how close to the stage!

Waiting for the support act to come on stage, finally warming up a little being inside again!

There were two support acts, the first one was named Passenger, who was very talented and did an amazing cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence, and I can’t remember the second one which wasn’t really my cup of tea. Here a picture of Passenger (Mike):

And AT LAST, Ginger Jesus (our nickname for Ed Sheeran) came on! The crowd went wild, everyone was so excited!

I’ll just post a few more pictures made during the concert, however none of these pictures can describe how amazing the atmosphere was!

His interacting with the crowd was awesome, he’s a hilarious guy !

Also really cool: he creates harmonies with the audience. He makes one part of the audience sing something, and then the other part the same thing but in another key or something else, which in the end sounds fantastic together.

All credits to Martine for this amazing shot

It’s incredible what this man can do with just his tiny guitar and the sound of his voice.

And last but not least; we actually got a pretty awesome picture in which he looks into OUR camera! Proof? Here you go!


We had a terrific night!!! We waited outside for half an hour after the concert, hoping he would make an appearance but I think, after coming back from his American tour, and being home again since months, he had some other things to do! We were home around 1am and couldn’t sleep because we were still so excited!

If you have read this whole post, thumbs up for you, I appreciate it very much!

R x


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