Bushy Park: Photography of the duck and deer

Hello again,

How are you today? I’m very well, had a lovely weekend! As I might have mentioned in one of my previous posts (not sure I did though), I had a workshop with my Photography group and teacher on Saturday morning in Bushy Park. When I got up I was a little bit disappointed, because the weather was very grey. Fortunately it wasn’t raining, so I got on the train to Hampton Court and walked from there to the Diana Fountain, where we’d agreed to meet. First we went to a nearby pond with lots of ducks. After that we walked a bit further into the park and eventually saw some deer! That was when I was allowed to use the 300mm lens of my photography teacher; he has a Canon camera too, so all his lenses fit on my camera too. I took some brilliant pictures of the deer, it was so cool shooting with this zoom-lens!! In the end we shot some artistic photos too, using long shutter speeds and playing with the lens.

Below some of the photos I took. The duck (and park) ones are taken with my own, standard lens, the deer ones with the 300mm lens. Oh, the artistic shots at the end are taken with my own lens as well.

Now, because I was so excited about the lens I took a lot more photos of the deer. Be prepared ;)

Now the experimental pics!

Haha I get a little dizzy while looking at them ;-).

I extremely enjoyed this morning filled with photography, I’ve learned so many things!!! I really feel my knowledge of my camera is increasing every week. If you have any tips for me regarding my photography, let me know in the comments!

xx R



  1. fabulous photos ! Well done. x

    1. Thank you Tracy! x

  2. Wow these photos are amazing. I’m blogging about being an Au Pair too, but whereas you came to Englang I left and went to Berlin. The two boys are the same age as well! I have never heard of bushy park but it looks like you’ve had an amazing time, and you have a real talent with photography!

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