Sunshine State Florida, part 1

Helloooo, long time no post!

I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks. I’ve had some friends over from the Netherlands, and after that I had to pack my bag because I have been incredibly lucky and was asked to join my hostfamily on holiday in Florida! They were already in the States, so I had to fly (all by myself) from Heathrow airport to Dallas, and from Dallas to Pensacola (Florida)! I was a little nervous to figure everything out all by myself, but in the end everything went well. I was so happy to see the boys again!

On our way from Pensacola airport to the resort, it was so interesting to look outside. I’ve been to New York last June, but the real American ‘inland’ is quite different! Big fastfood diners along the motorways, lots of bungalow houses that look as if one gust of wind could crush them, billboards advertising christianity and plastic surgery, high school football arenas etc etc. The resort looked absolutely magical in the dark; glittering lanterns, lightcables elegantly wrapped around all the palmtrees, lighted pools in different colours, and so on. The apartment we’re staying in is absolutely huge; very spacious and tastly decorated. I’ve got a massive bed and my own bathroom as well! Also; our rooms overlook the beach and the sea….

I’ve taken loads of photos since I’ve been here, but I’ll spread them into separate posts. First up;  some pictures taken in the beginning of the week:

The view

Walkabout to the beach and beach club;

Seriously, there are palmtrees EVERYWHERE

That’s it for now!

A lot more photos to follow…

Will be continued XXX


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