Sunshine State Florida, part 3

Hi there!

The weather here is bloody amazing! We’ve had a weekend of 30°C, and the past few days it was around 25°C. Lots of swimming and running in the sea and pool(s)! Another post with photos from Florida, where I still am. I have thought about putting 48 photos into 1 post, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it’s probably nicer to split them into two posts.

This post includes the day we went to a different beach club with a nice play area for the boys. We also had a little walkabout at a lake nearby.

The ‘other’ pool

I’m such a tourist; I can’t stop photographing all the palm trees over here

Handsome Sam!

Cutie Joe (”I’m as naughty as I look!”)

Little explorers

Had fantastic American burgers here!

I know this blog is named ‘Living a London Life’ but I fear there will be quite some Florida posts!

See y’alllll (as they say here) X

ps. Next post is very exciting…we went on a bike ride along the coastline! Will be continued!





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