Sunshine State Florida, part 4 Bike Edition

A very good day to you!

As mentioned in my previous post, we went on a bike tour on Tuesday, and we hired bikes again this morning (Thursday). One of the most fun things I’ve done here for sure!! Absolutely amazing to cycle along the roads, with the coastline (and sea) on the one side and the forests and rough lands on the other side. We also went through different towns and neighbourhoods with massive houses! The houses in this area are pretty amazing; they look very pretty, almost like big doll houses with great porches. There are also a lot of lakes here, which are also stunning.

Enough talking, let’s get to the visual part


The bike rental!

American bikes are amazing! You feel a bit ridiculous when you sit on them (I’m a gangster yo!) but they are actually quite comfortable!

My bike!

Ready to goooo!

Watched the elections on TV Tuesday night, YAY for Obama winning!

Rosemary beach/town

Oreo (the cookies) icecream! I know this looks pretty disgusting but believe me, it was goood.

We went to a real American supermarket that afternoon, called ‘Publix’ . I love American supermarkets!!!! They have absolutely everything!

Look at all the different sorts of peanut butter!

Watersound in the evening light


Now on to this morning. I promise, less photos than Tuesday ;-)

Look how clear the water is!



My apologies for the crazy amount of photos in this post. I just don’t want my blog to end up having half of its posts about Florida haha.

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night where ever you are!

xxx R









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