A (very) rainy day out in Oxford

Good Sunday, (trying to be creative in my greetings!)

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends! I certainly have. On Saturday I went to Oxford with two other au pairs, and today I went to the ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park with my Spanish friend who studies in London. This post will be about Oxford naturally.

There is a website (megabus.co.uk) which has great offers for bus rides to lots of cities in the UK. We booked our tickets to Oxford there in advance, which saved us a lot of money. The bus ride was just under 2 hours in total, which was fine because we got the best seats: 1st floor of the bus, right at the front! I love the red double decker buses here, it just adds to the whole London experience in my opinion haha. The weather was absolutely awful though; non-stop rain the whole day. That’s also the reason why I didn’t take splendid photos; I barely changed any settings or even looked at my screen how they turned out afterwards, it was so rainy and wet that I was constantly worrying about my camera getting wet and damaged.

My impression of Oxford was, despite the miserable weather, really positive. What a lovely city! Students that get the chance to study there should consider themselves very lucky. Absolutely amazing buildings which must be hundreds of years old, lovely shops and generally just a really laid-back and exciting atmosphere. Obviously there were a lot of students, and I must say that most of them have amazing taste in fashion. We visited the bookstore ‘Blackwell’s’ as well, and wow… probably the best bookstore I have ever been to. Very big but absolutely amazing, I think they have practically every English book you can think of, and also some beautiful editions of particular books. I could spend a whole day in that bookstore to be honest.

Check out some of the photos I took (in typical British weather) to get a bit of an impression;

I was really impressed by the Christ Church building, its appearance just looked like a fairytale to me! I love the ivy tangled around the windows and covering the wall, it creates a mystical feeling!

Now that I look back at my photos it looks like a really quiet city, but in truth it is the opposite! The streets were very crowded as were the shops and pubs, it’s just that I didn’t take any photos there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short post (lots of photos and little text)!

Until next time,

x R


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  1. Eveline · · Reply

    Mooie foto’s Roos – kleur en compositie… top

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