Cupcakes, otters and Sinterklaas

Hello everybody!

I had planned to make another post last week about my visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, but my photos weren’t that interesting so I didn’t post anything in the end. Last weekend I stayed with the boys at their grandma and grandpa’s house (the people my mum used to be an au pair for when she was 19!) because James and Susanna were celebrating their wedding anniversary. It was the first time (well the first time that they were actually aware of it) for the boys to have a sleepover at their grandparents’ house, so it was very exciting. We went there on the Saturday.

Andy (the grandpa) was away to a rugby match, so Janie and I entertained the boys for the afternoon. We visited some of her friends, we baked some cakes, took the dog for a walk and bought the boys some magazines and sweets at a local shop.

Baking cupcakes..

Photo taken by Janie on her iPhone. Preparing the baking trays for the cupcake batter.. (the boys were standing on a chair, they’re not naturally this tall haha)

They stayed up late and had the time of their lives! On Sunday we went to Barnes Wetlands in the morning. Barnes Wetlands is a nature reserve in Barnes, with a lot of informative stuff for children as well. We got there in time to watch the 11am otter feed; however the boys weren’t interested at all so I managed to take just a few photos.

Backside of an otter....sorry for that

Backside of an otter….sorry for that

It was a stunning winter day! Bright skies but absolutely freeeezing cold!

It was a stunning winter day! Bright skies but absolutely freeeezing cold!

Just a few other shots of the wetlands:




We ended up being at the playground for quite some time, so no more photos of the Wetlands I’m afraid ;-). We had a lovely roast for lunch and got back at the house in Wimbledon around 5.30pm. It was a busy but really entertaining and fun weekend in Barnes!

Sunday was also the day my family in the Netherlands had their ‘surprise-day’, a tradition linked to Sinterklaas/ Sint Nicolaas. Because I wasn’t able to be there, they had sent a parcel to London for me, filled with lovely Sinterklaas bits and pieces!!


Thank you very much :) ♥

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and to all my Dutch readers: veel plezier met pakjesavond en geniet van alle lekkernijen!

I will be munching on some lovely chocolade pepernoten this week!

xx R

ps. One of my gifts out of the parcel….. really suits me:

J'adore le Nutella (I adore Nutella)

J’adore le Nutella (I adore Nutella)


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