I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Title explains itself!

Tuesday I will be taking the Eurostar (train) to Brussels, where either my mum or dad will pick me up or I will take another train to my home! I will be back in London the 3rd of January, because guess what……….

the 6th I will join James and Susanna and the boys on a holiday to.. THAILAND. No I’m not even joking!! I can’t believe I’m actually going to Thailand with them… but everything is booked so I should! Can’t believe how lucky I am. Of course there will be loads of photos. But now, the first thing to look forward to is Christmas of course! I cannot wait to see my family again, I have missed them so much! Will also meet lots of my friends so I’m sure my time spent at home will be great.

I was at Covent Garden last Thursday, and took a few pictures there (WordPress ‘add Media’ has changed, I don’t really understand how to make photos the size I normally used..) ;



I want to wish you an early merry Christmas, since I won’t be posting for a few weeks.


xxx R






ps. And of course the best wishes for 2013 to you!




One comment

  1. Peter M · · Reply

    Lucky You !! Home for Christmas and after that..Thailand…
    Great 2013

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