Gifts and Goodbyes


It’s been more than a week now since I left the United Kingdom. On Sunday the 24th of March my parents arrived, and stayed for 2 days and nights. On Tuesday we stuffed the car with all my suitcases and bags and drove back to Holland.

Leaving was really hard!! The past 9 months I had been living with this family and had been playing with the boys nearly every day; on the one hand going back home again felt good, but on the other hand I felt sad to leave my ‘second’ family and the place I have been creating so many memories the past year.

Of course I didn’t leave without hugging the boys tightly and handing over some gifts: I gave them a canvas with a photo of me and Joe and a canvas with a photo of me and Sam, with the idea that hopefully in this way they will remember me! James and Susanna gave me the opportunity to create a photobook with all of the photos I took, which is already on its way! Can’t wait to see how it turned out, a lovely present.

I want to thank the Gulliford family, thank you so much for an amazing time and letting me take part in your family life. I couldn’t have dreamed of a lovelier family and I am missing you all very much! I really hope we will stay in contact, thank god for Skype!

xx R

groep 4 uk eind


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  1. Naj · · Reply

    It’s sad that it’s all over now but I’m so glad you’re able to experience such a thing! You’re a very lucky girl!

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