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Food, food and even more food at Borough Market

Good evening, Time is going by so incredibly fast! I remember my first post as if it were yesterday, but meanwhile I am approaching the date of leaving the UK… For personal reasons I am not leaving the 7th of April, but the 26th of March which is in less than two weeks.. I am […]

Photo Essay: Graphic Graffiti in a Dark Waterloo Tunnel

Goodmorning! Since my photography course ended in December, I haven’t really been doing any creative photography anymore, which is a shame if you ask me! I had a free day yesterday, and thought about something to see, do or photograph. I felt bold and decided to visit the Leake Street tunnel, which runs under the […]

Visit Hamleys and walk around Covent Garden

Hello there! As promised the sequel to yesterday’s post. It’s a good thing that I’ve done quite a lot last weekend, since next weekend I will be babysitting. James and Susanna will go skiing for four days, the grandmother and grandfather of Sam and Joe will stay over but I will have to help them […]

Food, fashion and luxury in Harrods

Good evening! The temperatures are beginning to rise, shops are beginning to display their spring collections and London is still ever so lovely. I have planned the date for my departure back to the Netherlands; from the 7th of April onwards I will not be living in London anymore! Very strange to think about it […]

The V&A Museum: Big, Impressive and Eclectic

Well hello again! Since I had an unexpected day off today (Tuesday), and most of my friends here had to work or had to be at university, I decided to pay the V&A Museum in South Kensington a visit. I never really mind going to museums (museums/musea? I reckon both are correct in English) alone, […]

Phenominal Phi Phi Islands Tour

A very bright and sunny good day to you! It’s very hard to believe that in the Netherlands and in the UK it is snowing at the moment… over here it’s 18.30hr and still 30 degrees celsius. I did the most AMAZING thing yesterday!!!! The absolute highlight so far!! James, Susanna, the boys and me […]

สวัสดีประเทศไทย! (Translation: Hello Thailand!)

Good evening, because where I am it’s already 7.30 pm, 7 hours later than in the UK! We arrived yesterday evening around 8, 8.30 pm. The journey was extremely long, but probably very worth it! We flew from London Heathrow to Bangkok, which was about 11 hours, and then from Bangkok to Phuket, which was […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

A jolly good evening! I have read and heard that the first snow has fallen in the Netherlands… nothing serious over here in London though… but that might happen in the following weeks. The temperatures have certainly dropped and it’s just a matter of time before the snow will come and stick to the icy […]

A (very) rainy day out in Oxford

Good Sunday, (trying to be creative in my greetings!) I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends! I certainly have. On Saturday I went to Oxford with two other au pairs, and today I went to the ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park with my Spanish friend who studies in London. This post will be about […]

Westminster and Big Ben photography by night

Good afternoon, Last Saturday I had my second photography workshop with my class and teacher, this time at the Southbank facing Westminster, the Big Ben and the London Eye. First of all: it was very crowded!! It was the first Saturday with the Southbank Christmas Market which looked absolutely lovely, but I didn’t have the […]