A jolly good evening! I have read and heard that the first snow has fallen in the Netherlands… nothing serious over here in London though… but that might happen in the following weeks. The temperatures have certainly dropped and it’s just a matter of time before the snow will come and stick to the icy […]

Hello everybody! I had planned to make another post last week about my visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, but my photos weren’t that interesting so I didn’t post anything in the end. Last weekend I stayed with the boys at their grandma and grandpa’s house (the people my mum used to be an au […]

Good Sunday, (trying to be creative in my greetings!) I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends! I certainly have. On Saturday I went to Oxford with two other au pairs, and today I went to the ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park with my Spanish friend who studies in London. This post will be about […]

Good afternoon, Last Saturday I had my second photography workshop with my class and teacher, this time at the Southbank facing Westminster, the Big Ben and the London Eye. First of all: it was very crowded!! It was the first Saturday with the Southbank Christmas Market which looked absolutely lovely, but I didn’t have the […]

Good evening, You must be celebrating the weekend right now! I was lucky enough to have a day off yesterday, on Thursday. Last Monday evening I met my uncle in London, at Waterloo station to be exact, because he was in London for business and it was good to catch up! We had a ‘gezellige’ […]

A very good day to you! As mentioned in my previous post, we went on a bike tour on Tuesday, and we hired bikes again this morning (Thursday). One of the most fun things I’ve done here for sure!! Absolutely amazing to cycle along the roads, with the coastline (and sea) on the one side […]

Hi there! The weather here is bloody amazing! We’ve had a weekend of 30°C, and the past few days it was around 25°C. Lots of swimming and running in the sea and pool(s)! Another post with photos from Florida, where I still am. I have thought about putting 48 photos into 1 post, but in the […]

Goodmorning, or afternoon, or evening, the time difference here is 7 hours earlier than the Netherlands..   We went to a special little town on one of the first days here, called ‘Seaside’. This town was the location for the film ‘The Truman Show’ (with Jim Carrey), which I watched the day before we went […]

Helloooo, long time no post! I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks. I’ve had some friends over from the Netherlands, and after that I had to pack my bag because I have been incredibly lucky and was asked to join my hostfamily on holiday in Florida! They were already in the States, so I […]

Hello again, How are you today? I’m very well, had a lovely weekend! As I might have mentioned in one of my previous posts (not sure I did though), I had a workshop with my Photography group and teacher on Saturday morning in Bushy Park. When I got up I was a little bit disappointed, […]